I’m watching Glastonbury on TV. It really makes me travel back in time – not that I ever been there, but it reminds me time years ago, when life was easy.

I start again with the attempt to start a blog, mostly because I love read other peoples blogs, I admire their craftiness, I’m jealous their ability to manage their families, look perfect, spend quality time with their children, do things they like. I have been feeling bit down for a while now,mostly because I’m not happy how my life rolls out front of me. I don’t get satisfaction from my daily job, but it brings in quite a good sum of money every month, which lets us live in such a beautiful place, but not enough time and money to change the house to the place we would like.  I’m dreaming about life, where you wouldn’t rush from morning to night with a speed of light. I know that grass is always greener somewhere else, but I can dream, can’t I?

I really wish, that I would have more courage and energy to get my catering venture going with full speed, but there is a long way to go. So I’ll try to record my attempts to get different life for myself and my family here and I’ll try to find my MOJO again.


Music choice:

KT Tunstall “Made of Glass”

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