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I was dragged in to the world of blogs about 2 years ago, can’t really remember through which one but for now there is well over 100 blogs I keep my eye on.

I found recently Blogovin, which is really nice to use and keep yourselves updated with your favourite blogs. It has quite good Smartphone APP as well.
Blogs I follow are shared in following categories: Craft, DIY, Eesti Aiandus (Estonian Gardening), Eesti elu (Estonian life), Eesti Fotograafia (Estonian Photography), Eesti toidublogi (Estonian Food Blog), Food, Gardening, Käsitöö (Handicraft), Lifestyle, Photography and Raamatud (Books). It should give you idea what I’m interested of.  I tried to pick up one blog from each category, which I like most at the moment.

CraftTales of Ted and Agnes – It’s the sweet blog from the author of the “Granny Chic”, book, which I don’t own yet, but it’s next on my Amazon shopping list. The blog is filled with craft, food, ideas and family life. It feels cosy and makes you yawn after idyllic farm life in a deep countryside.

DIY: Appartment Therapy – It’s a blog I have discovered recently. It has grown from Maxwell Ryan and his brother Oliver blog to the site which has lots of different contributors; it’s full of ideas for renovating, remodelling, decorating and lots of other brilliant ideas. I wish I would follow those ideas more and use them in my home 🙂 They also run the site called TheKitchn, which concentrates everything to do with food and cooking and kitchens. And expect lots of updates and new stories.

Eesti Aiandus (Estonian Gardening): There isn’t many gardening blogs in Estonian, which is surprising as I think Estonians are really proud of their gardens and everyone, who has piece of land growing some veg or fruit.  There is a few, but they are mostly diary type blogs not many practical tips and projects. Still, I do like to admire them and one my favourite at the moment is Roos on Roos, mainly because they got a puppy and because our Lonni.  I’m really interested how other people getting on with their fury friends. It also has lovely pictures of roses, garden and plants.

Eesti Elu (Estonian Life): There is many to choose of, some of them family diaries, some of them like reality shows, but one of my favourite Estonian blogs is Marju Randmer’s “Tassike elu topelt koorega”, it started off as a food blog, but it has grown to more of a lifestyle blog. Photography is fantastic and I really like her style. She doesn’t post very often, but it’s the one I really look forward. She’s now have been taking photos for many cookbooks and magazines and seems that her career is really taken off after starting her blog.

Eesti Fotograafia (Estonian Photography): In this category there is my another absolute favourite-  Krista Kôiv Blog – I love everything about this blog- photos, stories, her style and her lovely family. It’s written with such warmth and her home is to die for, quite often makes me feel bit homesick, which is compliment by the way.

Eesti Toidublogi (Estonian Food Blog): Toidutegu – its blog interesting to read, recipes are mouth-watering and photography is good quality. ..and I love music choices with every recipe.

Food: My biggest idol and person I admired since I saw her underground restaurant in TV money program is MsMarmite. I still remember thinking – THAT, WHAT I WANT TO DO! (I’m still working in the office, but hopefully I will be doing what I want one day) She’s interesting and unique. Her book Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant is one of the prettiest cookbooks I own and I have lots of them. I have been twice at her events and they have such a great vibe and they give you loads of inspiration.  Her blog is witty and full of fantastic advice and tips. She travels a lot and she’s a real pioneer of the underground restaurants.

Gardening: I haven’t search for gardening blogs very hard so I have only one in this category and this one is from MsMarmite again Secret Garden Club  Anything this women does is brilliant 🙂

Käsitöö (Handicraft):  Reesi käsitöö Blogi – this blog I follow just for admiration for the women, she quit her day job and does what the love doing – beautiful hand knitted scarfs and teaching others too.

Lifestyle: In this category I have lots of blogs I follow; most of them are from America. I love them for beautiful pictures and for creative interiors. One about Scandinavian Interiors is called Stockholm Vitt – Interior Design. It has lots of lovely ideas from Swedish apartments, with the clean lines

Photography:  My interest to photography started probably same time than I started to follow those blogs. It just makes you jealous to see how people making wonderful stuff and also take beautiful pictures of it. So I have been trying to discover how people create those wonderful images. I like The  Cofeeshop Blog, it has lots of free stuff and also really good tutorials how to bring your photos up this extra step.

Raamatud (Books): I love books, you can see it our home, where there a books everywhere and my husband loves books even more, which means even more books. On my holiday back home, I always buying lots of Estonian language books, but they are mostly cookbooks or craft books. I find it really hard to choose as I have lost touch what goes on in Estonian book world. So I started to look for blogs, where people review and too hard work for me to single out which ones are not so good and which ones are worth the money – in Estonia books are very expensive as they don’t print many copies because the market is tiny. I also always look for good European and Russian authors, which maybe not translated to English yet. One of the blogs which seems to be interesting is Kohustuslikult Vabatahtlik Kirjandus, I think I’ll try some books, which are reviewed here. I would love to find some good English book blogs as well.

Those are just few of my favourites.

NB! Yesterday my daughter announced – she wants to start the blog. Mh-mm – what she’ll be writing about – her dreadful family most likely. 🙂  Anyway, I think it’s a brilliant idea, should help with her English at the school.


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