Recipe 3. Oat-Chocolate Biscuits with Chocolate Buttons.

Here comes the recipe of the biscuits, which was approved by my son and this is a big thing, I tell you. Usually my children have just ice-creams for the puddings and they turn they nose up if I make traditional Estonian puddings or even tempt English favourites. So hearing my son to run my mother in law and the first words were how wonderful those biscuits were, really made my day and as the 20 biscuits disappeared from the plate within hour before I managed take any photos, I had to make another batch today.

Also, some self-rising flour got used up as well!

Oat-Chocolate Biscuits with Chocolate Buttons

150 grams soft butter

1,5 dl sugar

2tsp vanilla sugar

1 egg

2 dl jumbo oats

2,5 dl self-rising flour

1tsp baking powder

100 g chocolate (break in small pieces)

glazed chocolate buttons

Heat the oven to Gas mark 4/175 c.

Cream the soft butter with sugars until pale and then add egg, while keep beating the mixture.

Mix together all dry ingredients and add it to the egg mixture. Roll between your hands small balls and flatten them a bit. Put them on the baking sheets which are covered with the baking paper. Sprinkle with chocolate buttons and bake 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

Cool them on the cooling rack

Bon appetite! Your children will be hooked (and your husband 🙂 )


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