Design your home – when?

Ever since I moved to UK, I have really got into houses interiors and architecture, not that I have any time to practice them, but programs like Grand Design and Kirsty’ s homemade…. are my absolute favourites. Maybe it’s started with the moving to UK as I got my first home here. I have always lived in a rented accommodation before.

When we bought our current house, both of us could see huge potential to grow with the house, but reality is, we are working all day long and we still don’t have enough funds to improve our house. Our neighbours started to extend their house and they offered their double glazed windows, which were only few years old and still had lots of life left in to them so we decided to use them to our bedrooms. We started with T’s bedroom and it’s taken us almost year to move our son back to his room. The wasn’t so much to do as such, but just finding time to commit and we still haven’t really finished 🙁 – no curtains, no shelves, but we moved T back as he was fed up sharing room with his sister, even so she moved out to sleep on the mattress in the office.

I have so many ideas what I want to do – but it’s all behind money and time, also sometimes I can’t decide, which style I’m going with as I have many favourites.

I started to collect pictures to my Pinterest page and I not even mention piles of magazines I have everywhere in the house.  I love magazines! I have them everywhere and all sorts, which doesn’t really help with keeping house tidy 🙂 When I’m looking chosen pictures and then look around in my house there is no similarities, but I so would love to my house to be at least a bit like on those pictures. 🙁

I even have been one of those houses ( the 1st photo) and it was lovely and homely. 

I definitely know what I don’t like, but I do like so many different styles. 🙁




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