Paleo seed muffins – Day 2 of becoming healthy

There is one thing, what most of people will miss, when turning to paleo – bread. We don’t realise how dependent our diet is from bread. Especially in UK, where lunch usually contains sandwich and other food you shouldn’t consume daily basis.  Paleo diet excludes all grains so traditional breads are out of the question. But there are options, You can make bread like buns/muffins, which only contain ingredients, which have green light from Paleo.

Seed buns- paleo

2 large carrots greated

3 free range eggs

Seeds (as much you like) I used mixture of seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, golden linseed

sea salt

1tsp baking powder

1sp olive oil

almond flour or coconut flour (I added bit of both) just enough to make dough like mixture

Share the dough in to the 12 hole muffin tin and bake at Gas mark 5 about 30 minutes.

Seed buns2- paleo

I love them with butter. Kerrygold is my favourite! I haven’t used any spreads for quite a while, I think if you have butter have a real thing! Kerrygold is a only butter in UK market, which uses milk from grass fed cows so it’s suitable for Paleo and it’s bloody lovely! When I feel really lush, I buy Beurre D’Isigny – famous Normandy butter.

Even my husband had quite a few muffins. Either he likes them or he’s really hungry as I don’t cook as many carbs, he used to 🙂



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