Healthy meatballs your children will like too.

One of the challenges, when you try to change your eating habits is to get dinner ready for your children. Some reason my deep love to vegetables haven’t transferred to my children. They still struggle to eat the 5 – a – day. They like tomato sauces with pasta and some salad stuff in wraps, but other than that, I’m the only one in a family, who really appreciates vegetables.

Those meatballs are good way to hide some vegetables from your children.

1 grated carrot

1 grated courgette

about 400 g minced beef


Mix all ingredients together and season with sea salt and pepper. For fussier eaters mix everything in the food mixer, so the vegetables would be hardly noticeable. Form the meatballs and fry them in olive oil until nicely browned.

I served mine with cauliflower mash (and some beetroot/potato patties)- just boil cauliflower florets and 1 garlic clove in slightly salted water. Then mash with potato masher, add tiny bit of butter. Honestly, I didn’t miss mashed potato at all and it will be my favourite side dish instead of rice or pasta or potatoes.


“Healthy me” challenge will continue…

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