Sticking with plan – very proud of myself! Frozen fruit desserts.

Last weekend I had lovely day out with my girlfriends. It happens very rarely, when I take  some time out and just do something by ,without thinking about rest of the family. Children are actually getting to the age, where they don’t need my constant care 🙂

Spring2015So, any other time I would’ve really enjoyed some glass of wine in a really good company…but I managed to stay off any alcohol and I didn’t have any food I shouldn’t eat, even when  I was so hungry one point and there was impossible to find anywhere to have a sit down meal with 2 children and 2 dogs in Beckenham after 7pm on Saturday night 🙁


So my lovely outing finished at kebab shop, but I only ate meat and salad so no harm done 🙂

Samuel2 After being so “good” I thought I deserve some treat.

My favourite pudding is at the moment frozen banana. It’s so easy and tastes like a ice cream – honestly! I slice banana and put it in the freezer. When frozen, I put it in a blender and add some coconut milk or almond milk or hazelnut milk, whatever I have handy and blend it until smooth and creamy. Serve with roasted almonds, walnuts or any other nuts sprinkled over and berries. Mmmmm!


You can mix banana with any other fruit or berries, if you like. I tried with strawberries and this tastes beautiful as well.

Frozen_banana_and strawberries






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