When saving money, is not actually saving – how APP-s can save your day

We had our holiday – for almost 10 days. Middle of winter! We haven’t had any holidays for years, apart from the annual Estonian one in August. We went to Tenerife – sun, beaches, swimming, warmth, sangria – I loved it.

We almost didn’t get to there, as the airline we were supposed to fly out, went bust. Nobody told us! We would’ve happily turned up on the airport only to discover that Primera flights are nowhere to find. Luckily we thought to check, how much luggage we can have with us, so we were bit confused that the web page couldn’t be found. With the help of Google, we   discovered that they gone bankrupt month ago and we had no email from anyone.

Panic started and we needed to get new tickets less than month to go for our holiday. Of course there wasn’t any cheap options left so we combined few flights with stop in Nantes in France. The tickets were more expensive and we had to spend the day in France, but we found that there is a Christmas Market and we have been in this town before and there is plenty to do for the day.

It didn’t work out how we imagined:

  • There aren’t anywhere to leave your suitcases in Nantes airport and apparently the French airports and train stations don’t have left luggage facilities, because of terrorism threat.
  • Idea of dragging around 4 small suitcases +one 23kg suitcase, didn’t appeal to us much. Thank god for smart phones! I found APP called Nannybag.com,               which helps you to find hotels or bars, which store you luggage, while you can discover town. You can book and pay via APP and the process was very easy. It cost us 24 EUROs for 4 bags.
  • The shuttle bus to the centre of the town from the airport was 9 EURO for one way each!! 36EURO all together!! We found later, that there is a tram to the edge of town and bus to the airport, which didn’t cost anything. Either because of the weekend or because they had demonstrations in the town and public transport was free. So lesson learnt, whenever possible avoid shuttle busses and find what locals would use. Good APP for this is Rome2Rio,           which gives you all the different options how to get from A to B all over the world.
  • It was raining hard all day! So going to the Christmas market or walk around in the old town wasn’t such an appealing idea. We found shopping centre, took a bus there and spent a day there. Bus was free again! Not my idea of nice day, but couldn’t think better alternative.
  • By end of the day it would‘ve probably cost us as much to take direct flights.

The day was such drag and miserable that I didn’t take any photos.

Finally we landed in Tenerife South after midnight and we were filled with joy, when pleasant warm breeze touched our faces and palm trees waved for the welcome.

PS! It’s not sponsored post (unfortunately). Those apps were genuinely helpful on our journey

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