2018 Highlights – life in hashtags

OK. That’s bit embarrassing –  as it is 4 months into 2019 and I never published this post, but I will do it now anyway as those yearly posts have been proven really useful, when you need to fill in some forms, which ask how many times you have been abroad past 5 years!?

Here it comes:


Can’t believe that another year is over. (EDIT: yep, and January 2019 is over as well) Going through my most popular Instagram photos from 2018.

So here it is – my life in 2018 in hashtags


I think the days spent with my family are so dear. We have good food, laugh, playing games, making jokes, having a chat about the world things. I’m lucky to have a family here in England and people back in Estonia, who are really close to my heart. I love you all and I hope we’ll meet up more in 2019. My doors are always open and I’m always happy to see you


there was time in my life, where my friends were my closest family and I never forget this. You are always have special place in my heart and I know we will have lots of adventures and fun times ahead of us


last year we had a snow..in England..you know what it means- life kinda stops, people will have fun and don’t go to work or school, because it’s too complicated! Estonians never will understand it, but I getting used to it after 16 years in England and I’m quite happy to bring snow as an excuse for not going to work 🙂 (EDIT: We have snow again, just a little bit, but enough to mess up train timetables)


after 3 years religiously doing 4-5 session of CrossFit a week, 2018 was real set back, which I’m not happy about. My knee gave me trouble more than usual and our home life changed so I couldn’t go 6 am classes anymore and we all know if it’s not getting done first thing in the morning anything can happen during the day so there is 50:50 chance  not making it to the evening class. hoping to get back in the rhythm this year. (EDIT: week of flu and cold has messed up my plans again 🙁 )


After years of trying out all sort of different diets, routines, I kind of stop following anything special. I eat everything just trying to stick, with moderation and listen my body (which is most difficult thing to do, but i’m learning) Luckily for me I love healthy food, so I all sorts of salads make quite regular appearance on my table. Just have to learn cut out the crap I eat, when I’m busy and haven’t had time to prepare and my brain switches off for being sensible and listening my body.


I think in my Instagram feed 50% photos are of Lonni, our “little” chocolate baby. We love her to bits and spoil her to rotten. there is nothing better than get home after crappy day and meet the happiest wagging tale and being shadowed  everywhere you go – I mean EVERYWHERE! 🙂


I’m always happiest near the sea! Give me seaside any day of the year and I feel content and calm and happy.  • I love sandy Pärnu beach in summer, where I can dig my toes in the sand and snooze off under the sun.  • I love pebbly beach in Deal, where we can walk hours up and down on the promenade and collect interesting looking stones.  • I love Dumpton Gap beach, where all dogs are welcome and where I went for the swim first time ever in UK, after living here over 14 years. The waves can be amazing.  • I loved all the different beaches in Los Cristianos. The strong waves, which just throw you up and drop you down so your knees are grazed an mouth is full of sickeningly salty water.

Just give me a beach and I will be happy!


Since we had Lonni, Estonian road trip has become our summer tradition. This year, just me, S and Lonni took the car journey and kids flew out (too posh to drive 3 days and be stuck in the car with us 🙂 ) I love those road trips – -new places we see, great food we eat and excitement getting nearer and nearer to home. I love driving in Sweden  almost empty roads and get lost middle of nowhere, when looking for our place to stay.


I always post most frequently, when I’m in Estonia. I get excited about things and places I haven’t seen long time. I enjoy calmness and emptiness of the Estonia. I love the fresh food, wild nature, greatest friends and this year I felt especially strongly about my people and my place (whatever this means). Maybe it’s because it was Estonian 100 birthday and there was great dance-music-light show near the mote in Pärnu. It was free to everyone and after all day bucketing down, the rain just stopped 20 minutes before the show and it was perfect.


I’m so lucky to live in such beautiful place surrounded by wonderful countryside and lots of lovely walks to take Lonni. I try to appreciate it every day.


I’m always happy, when I’m in the kitchen with the recipe book, trying out something new. So I make extra effort to plate it nicely so I have Instagram worthy photo 🙂 (please don’t think we eat all the time beautiful home cooked food, we have fish fingers and takeaways, when life takes over, I just post when I’m cooking something nice and I wish to do it more often.) 


I visited Tenerife second time and it stole my heart. I fell in love, even so much we seriously thinking instead of retiring to Estonia one day to go and live in Tenerife instead. I love the climate, loved the people, love the seaside, love the nature and it’s not far from family and friends  (and I hope everyone would love to come on holidays anyway 🙂 )I know we were in holiday mood, but why not? Of course we need to go back more and discover this lovely island more. But it’s could be the option, couldn’t it?


I love eating out. Especially places, which are bit special or I have selected carefully or I just ended up by chance. It’s what I’m looking forward most, when I travel!  I will write, which places I liked in another post (if I ever get around to do it 🙂 )


and for last (but definitely not for least) my gorgeous home town Pärnu. I was born here and lived here until I was 18 and after that I visited it most of the weekends. I love the buzzing on summer nights, I enjoy walks on the empty streets and beach after the holiday season is over. I love all the colorful old wooden houses, I love the winter walks on the streets  when you can smell wood burning on the old stoves and fireplaces. I love all my friends and family you can bump into whenever you walk into town. There are so many wonderful things about my hometown, which make my heart melt, when i think about it. 

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