Gdansk – brilliant weekend break location

Most people probably have no opinion of Gdansk neither they know where it is. (it’s in Poland 🙂 )They definitely wouldn’t consider it for the weekend break location.

They should really reconsider. I only bought the tickets as I needed last minute birthday present for my husband, like day before birthday! That’s how caring wife I am. I searched in Skyscanner, where is the cheapest place to go for the weekend in July. We were already fully busy for end of May and June. It did leave 2 weekends in July and Gdansk came up as the cheapest place, where we haven’t been before, to go.

I glanced quickly on reviews. It seemed to have enough history to stuck in for my husband and I booked tickets with Wizz Air for £19 return /each. Not a bad deal for tight ass like me.

Next step was to find accommodation for two nights and as the tickets were so cheap I thought I will look accommodation bang on the middle of the town. There was huge amount of lovely apartments to choose ,but we were limited with the options to check in middle of the night – yes, the cheap tickets take you to the Gdansk at 1am and as Wizz Air tends to be less organized and not so timely as other budget airlines ( like the one which name starts with R), we arrived 1.30am. I found an apartment one street away from main touristy area of the Gdansk, bang on the middle of the old city. It had option to let yourself in.

For 2 nights I cashed out £138.- but you could find much cheaper places and as nice as this one.

TIP1: We asked our host how much would the taxi cost from airport to her place and she said around 60 Zloty, which is around £13. We checked with the first taxi and he said 80 zloty which is actually not much more (about £17) but middle of night and pretty tired I decided stand my ground and said we have been told it will be 60 and we not going to pay more! He was such a smug and said or its the old town and its not going to be so cheap. Even if he would’ve said 70 zloty I probably would’ve happily climbed to the taxi.

We walked away and decided to try Uber. Easiest thing ever! The car was there within 5 minutes, we could follow on the APP where its coming from and we paid already through the APP – 35 Zloty!!! No questions asked! And the driver looked as normal person not like smug faced taxi driver.

TIP2: If you really want something, ask Facebook -it works 🙂 the weather forecast was awful for the weekend in Gdansk – raining all day. We felt quite sad to leave sunny England summer, so I complained about it in Facebook – ta-daa -we had glorious sunshine greeting us on the first morning in Poland.

FOOD: Food is lovely in Gdansk and i’m not saying it because I feel almost like home with all herrings, sausages, pork and fermented cabbage they have on menus. Food is freshly made, good quality, nicely served, big portions and inexpensive. Our breakfast on the main street at Old Town included hot ciabatta with goat cheese and freshly grilled aubergines and peppers and hot sandwich for my husband (very generous size) and lovely coffees. It all cost us about £6! There is lots of places to choose and most of them have tables outside so you can enjoy the sunshine in summer. English is widely spoken and service is super friendly. Wine and beer was average £2 for glass or pint.

FESTIVALS: We were lucky enough that it was the weekend of the Baltic Sail festival in Gdansk so the riverside was full of amazing tall boats from different countries, which also offered rides for very reasonable money. They had free festival with live music, reenactment and street food, which added greatly to the atmosphere. Looking Gdansk web-page it seems that they have lots of festivals throughout the summer and they definitely add to the experience when visiting.

MUSEUMS: Even if you are not into the museums I do suggest to visit European Solidarity Center and Gdansk Shipyard. They are free, unless there is special exhibitions. It was fascinating even for me, who has grown up in Soviet Union and I felt quite nostalgic and it all brought back lots of memories from 80-s and 90-s when the iron curtain finally came down. And the Solidarity Center has lovely few from the roof terrace and nice cafes.


  • Lots of walking around old town, long the river. We really enjoyed walk from the Gdansk Shipyard to back old town along the river. Lots of Soviet era buildings are they are still in use. Plenty of ships and boats to see.
  • Lots of eating in restaurants. We tried Bread And Wine by Ferber for breakfast. Grass for lunch. Kos for dinner. Tawerna Mestwin for local Kasubian food. There is so many places to choose from. Use Google, read reviews and make up your mind, what you want.
  • Took a boat ride long the river. We chose fake pirate ship and round trip was about 90 minutes. they have food and drinks as well.
  • Took 409 steps up to the St Marys Church tower to enjoyed the view and burned enough calories to have a nice food again
  • Visited the fruit and veg market and bought some local cherries.
  • Had a drink (or few) at the numerous bar terraces.
  • Went on the Amber Sky (big wheel) to enjoyed some more views

I made this video (great idea of my daughter) to sum up our lovely break in Gdansk.

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  1. Tundub väga lahe kohta! Jätan meelde, kuigi arvata võib, et kui koolivaheaegadel minna ja söömise joomise elamused välja jätta, siis võib olla ei tulegi nii odav ja põnev reis. Sellegi poolest nii vahva et teie nii toreda sünnipäevareisi osalisteks saite 🙂

    1. Oli tôesti ootamatult tore. Mulle jättis see linn väga meeldiva mulje ja kindlasti lähen tagasi, et Sopotit külastada kuna olen sellest ka palju head kuulnud.

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