New year plans – Project 30

Plans for new year – nothing crazy, because it doesn’t work. I done mad diets in my life, promising things I can’t keep up. So, I will keep things simple. My biggest aim is to loose this extra weight I have been carrying around over 15 years now. I know it sounds like any other new year resolution, but I’m hoping that my reasons to loose the weight are different than they used to be.

I have no problems with the number on the scale, because I don’t weigh myself 🙂 I’m fittest I have been very long time. I train 6 times a week and not because I want to loose weight or look certain way, I do it because it’s fun and it keeps me sane. ..but… there is certain things I can’t do because I’m bit too heavy. I want to do at least one strict pull up by end of this year, but there is difference do you have to pull up 95 or 65 kilos. Same with dips and other more gymnastic exercises, which I didn’t think I need to do few years ago, but CrossFit changed it all 🙂

So my plan is stop snacking sweets, especially when I stressed or bored. Prep my food for lunches to work. I’m not going to cut out any food groups as I know if I deny anything to myself I cant resist it. I will go to back to basics and count my macros/ calories at least 4-5 days a week, so I get feeling, how much I should eat and get to value my food accurately again. It’s easy to get in a habit to over eat, especially when you train a lot, you get thinking that you have freedom to indulge whenever you like.

MyFitnessPal will be my tool to help me keep track and those amazing people are there to inspire me.

Bring it on – Project 30 begins now 🙂

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