Sunny Madrid with Vance Joy and my daughter

This was one of the most impulsive decision i have made recently, to go Madrid for Vance Joy concert. He has become my most favorite artist, who always cheers me up after long day at work or in the mornings, when I rather would stay bed than go to the office. And his videos are absolutely epic! So when I found that he does 2 concerts in Europe before he starting touring with PINK and the tickets are only 25 Euros I started quickly arrange little getaway to the Madrid.

I asked my friends to come but flying from Estonia to Madrid wasn’t cheap option (one of the advantages of living at UK, you can always find cheap airfares) . Then I decided to take my daughter, who is big fan of Vance Joy as well and she even based some of her studies in media on his videos. It was her birthday coming up very soon and it seemed like a perfect present for her.

I didn’t have big expectations from Madrid but I totally fell in love with this city. Not sure was it the weather (+28 C) , lovely people or just spending some quality time with my daughter.

We stayed in the sweetest flat, which I found in AirBnB just about 20 minutes walk from center. We walked to everywhere, so I achieved my 2 x 10K steps every day ( and lots of blisters). Madrid has fantastic electric scooter rental coverage but our first attempt to try those out was unsuccessful (my scooter lost all the power) but I definitely suggest to try them out, they are very easy to use via APP.

The concert took place at the La Riviera, perfect location for the concert as its intimate enough so we could get quite near the stage and sing (shout 🙂 ) all songs along. The Vance Joy exceeded all our expectations and the concert was amazing. I’m so glad I decided to go.

For foodies – you must visit Mercado San Miguel – this tapas place is just so overwhelming. So much to choose from and something for every one. Not the cheapest place but definitely fantastic experience.

We also tried Madrid’s fast food – bocadillo de calamares – deep fried calamari (squid) sandwich – don’t really mind this kind of junk food.

My favorite place for sunny day was Buen Retiro Park – have a drink or snack one of the cafes (nothing special but lovely to chill out) and hiring the rowing boat is a must. It’s not expensive. We did almost run over family of the ducklings but then mastered the skill of rowing very quickly.

The coolest place to hang out, have a cocktail and see most amazing views of Madrid is Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop bar. You might to queue for a bit and charge is 4 Euros but its definitely worth it. We managed to get one of the lounging seats, they had sprinkles to cool you down and very cool music. Loved this place.

If you want to try bit different ice-creams head to the Loco Polo. they had such variety of the Ice lollies and you could choose different toppings and my Baileys Ice lolly was filled with real Baileys! So worth it!

If you looking for weekend away, Madrid is the perfect choice. Walk around the old streets, stop at the countless cafes/bars/restaurants for sangria or tapas, chill out at the lovely parks. I’m definitely going back to discover more.

There is also 3 videos my daughter made. I hope those make you want to go and discover this lovely city.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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