#caloriefuckingdeficit – “Project 30” is back

After long silence about the “Project 30”, my weight climbed back up to higher end of 90s. I was still active, doing CrossFit regularly, maybe not so religiously than few years ago due to various knee problems, but still exercise hasn’t been issue .

My eating habits… they weren’t habits anymore, I just stuffed my face what ever I fancied. I cooked lovely food and ate it all. I started dieting on Monday and finished it by Wednesday evening, binging through the weekend.

Someone in our Crossfit box shared the video, where James Smith talks about CrossFit. It really made me laugh out loud. If you are crosfitter you would understand.

I became curious about this foul mouthed guy, who actually talks lots of sense and I started to stalk him in Facebook and Instagram and more I found out the bigger my admiration grow. I saw lots of his academy members, who had fantastic results and main tool is everyone using is #calorifuckingdeficit . It’s not about avoiding certain food groups or taking some supplements or clean eating or buying expensive products. James just simply educating people about calories, weight loss, exercising and science behind it. He’s truly passionate about it and I knew that its the mindset I need and I will join the academy soon.

Beginning of June I did 7 day challenge run by one of our coaches at the CrossFit box. Do check him out, when you need personal approach and guidance. Jack is great. https://www.facebook.com/jstephenspt/

I lost 2.4 kg on this week and it’s where it all started again. I posted following after the first week.

I kept going by myself, watching James Smith videos and lives in Facebook. He’s like a very naughty boy but talks lots of sense and have heart in the right place 🙂 By beginning of the august I did manage to get down from 96 kg to 90 kg and I joined the James Smith Academy. One of the big reason for joining was I wanted to take part his 12 week challenge, where you set yourself goal and then record it and you have support of coaches and members only Facebook group. And the prize for the winner is week in Bali! I love competitions!

12 weeks forward and the challenge is almost finished. Long story short – I planned to lose 10 kg -drop from 90 to 80 kg and I was 86,5 kg this morning. I should feel like failure but actually – I’m bloody happy.

*I’m almost 10 kg lighter than I was in beginning of the June

*I have been told by 4 different people – have I lost some weight

*I’m gone from 2nd hole to 5th on my leather belt I wear most of the days.

*I can zip up most of my leather jackets. I had to wear them undone before

*I’m lightest I have been since…..forever or maybe since my second child was born and it’s nearly 15 years ago

So, no, I haven’t failed, I kept going, slowly but surely. I didn’t give up. I’m still going. I’m looking forward of next challenge and hopefully I finish it properly this time.

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