JSA Canggu Challenge – Day 1

Started the new challenge with JSA. Lasted about 6 weeks last time. Biggest goal for this one is to finish it! 12 weeks doesn’t feel like a long time. It goes past with blink of a eye usually. If you try to achieve something, follow a routine its awfully long time.

The official challenge starts on Sunday 1st December. I started today as I want to see will it make difference doing measuring/weighing Friday mornings instead.

My main official goal is to weigh 80 kg by end of the challenge, actually I want the number on the scale to start with 7.

79,9 kg will do.

My starting weight is 86 kg. 6 kg to lose. Last challenge I managed 3.5 kg. I better get my act together.

This challenge I will concentrate on protein intake as I really have been struggling with this. Last challenge my main aim was get into the habit to get constantly 10k steps a day and I got into pretty good rhythm with it. 2 dog walks +lunch break walk gets me comfortably to 10k + steps.

My fitness goal is gt to T2B (tows to bar) . It would be 1 thing off from my list “The movements I can’t do in CrossFit”

WEIGHT: 86 kg

Dinner tonight – mackerel salad

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