I have been reading reviews of bloggers year and before it’s too late I ‘ll try to summarize my one too.

January – taking control. One matter, what was bothering me quite a few years and I didn’t want to deal with it and didn’t know how, got finally a solution and is under control and few years time it should be gone and forgotten.

Of course there was some cooking and CrossFit in January as well.

Absolutely no way related to the matter 😄

February – Light bulb moment. I had kind of unexpected interview (I didn’t get the job) but it made me realise, what direction should I take and it might be something I have been looking for.

February also bought us some snow.

We actually celebrated Valentines Day in London (haven’t done it ages) with the lovely meal in the restaurant at Royal Academy of the Arts.

After some convincing took part CrossFit Open and didn’t do too badly considering my injuries – I ranked 181 from 530 in UK “older birds” category.

“old bird” rowing

March – Social month. I went “out-out” 3 times! It’s the real achievement for me nowadays. Living in the countryside forces you to make real effort if you want get out and do stuff. And there is always something you HAVE to do. So I’m quite proud of myself making to the CrossFit friend surprise birthday party.

I had lovely dinner at the Havet restaurant with the “dog mums” (since my kids left primary I switched from “school mums” to “dog mums” 🙂 ) .

Cinema visit to London to see “The Little Comrade” – film based on one of my favourite books from Estonia.

Lots of baking and Crossfit as the Open continued.

My favourite “Estonian” tart

April – my Estonian family and friends I love when my family and friends visiting me. It’s always chaotic and too much food and wine, but its good laugh, catching up, having a good chat, driving around and being tourist.

I also got to see my friend, who I have promised to visit for years and she only lives less than 2 hours away. Me and Lonni had lovely stay. 🙂

April also bought lovely weather so we had glorious Easter celebration at the coast.

We also made it to London to see the play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”, which we all loved.

The grand project “Declutter the House” started. I dragged out all the clothes and only kept the ones I actually wear and like. Now I manage to fit them all in my one wardrobe and I actually have been wearing them all. Trying to go through my wardrobe more often now to keep it under the control.

I love when the spring is here, I start to feel so much more alive and lively.

Lonni feels alive too 🙂

May – volunteering, family and friends I ended up volunteering to cook meals at the scout camp for 125 scouts. No, it wasn’t just me – I was one of the volunteers and what a fantastic experience it was. The food was top noch, not your usual burgers and sausages, but we had bolognese, veggie raguu, chicken in Mushroom and tarragon sauce, 3 different curries – absolutely delicious. It was such hard work, but what a laugh and great vibes.

May is always busy with birthdays and our wedding anniversary – so we had some meals out, lots of birthday cakes and family time.

“Dog mums” took me out again to London Borough Market – love this place.

I had amazing opportunity to listen pure Estonian music by Mari Kalkun in London.

Curry for 125!

June – Madrid. It was my favourite trip last year. It was birthday present for my daughter to go see Vance Joy, who was my ultimately favourite artist last year, even my Spotify account was shocked 🙂 Madrid had hot weather, lovely people, charming city, best company, favourite music, eclectic apartment, lots of steps, delicious food. More about in here.

June included paella for the local music festival.

My cousins family from Sweden came to see us.

The university visits started – I can’t believe I have child who is almost ready to start uni!

Lovely Madrid

July – Gdansk, festival, dog walks. This summer we didn’t have our road trip to Estonia so I had few short trips instead and Gdansk was such a pleasant surprise. I wrote bit more about it here.

We had our annual strawberry picnic with family,

Many gorgeous dog walks on the summer days.

Thanks to my friend I went to the music festival. Just for a day, but it was brilliant and I saw Bastille in LIVE!

And thanks to my other friend I saw Mark Almond LIVE!

Knole Park
Knole Park

August – JSA, British summer holiday. August marks summer holidays in Britain and as we didn’t go away, we thought to do few things here. Weather can be so hit and miss in Britain so you can’t really plan proper beach holiday. I think this picture describers very accurately, what to expect from it. 🙂

Beach holiday in Bournemouth, England

We also went to Alton Towers, (I didn’t, instead I had lovely walks with Lonni.)

We had also hottest weather on end of the August, which we enjoyed on the seaside. As I said you never know what you get.

This August I also joined JSA, I wrote about it bit longer in here, but basically its the James Smith academy, which supports you in losing weight, but more so tho have healthy relationship with food and fitness. He’s very funny and rude, but talks sense and I have great admiration to him and what he stands for.

September – London and nutrition. I love living near London, Its near enough to have a day trip to there but far enough to avoid the madness of London daily bases. I had fun pub crawl with my colleagues in London.

Then I went to see Martin McDonald LIVE. If you want to know scientific approach to nutrition, he’s your man. Forget about, gluten free, KETO and any other new diet what appears in the media, there is evidence based reasoning behind the weight loss. I really want to do his nutrition course so I could in the future support others on the crazy world of diets. Just have to get the money together 🙂

Me with Martin McDonald

October – universities and Brexit. In October we visited Reading, Bournemouth and Canterbury unis. I just really wish that it would be me, who can start the Uni life again. There are so many exciting opportunities.

I went to see James Smith live in London and met up some of the Academy members, which was all very inspirational.

Same day I saw the Brexit march in London, which was very emotional and overwhelming but now we know that we are most definitely on the way out of the EU.

K organised quiz night to help rise funds to her Nepal trip.


November – mums, fitness and food. I could feel that winter is coming. Not so sociable anymore and happily could do as little as possible.

Tried to get back to my fitness after my knee have been playing up most of the year.

Tried to loose weight – very slow process!

Met up with some mums from my kids primary years and had very funny night.

Cooked some healthy nutritious recipes.

Went to see switching on local Christmas lights with my “kids” .

Had some lovely walks with Lonni.

Cantii and me

December – Friends, raffle, operation, interviews, mud. As always December is busy heading up to the Christmas. Had lovely afternoon with my “dog friends”

Picked a raffle winner for my cooked dinner for six to help raise funds Keitis Nepal trip.

I had knee operation, which I hope will benefit me in long run (not so sure at the moment),

Back to the universities for the interviews.

Ate too much and definitely fell off from the weight loss wagon, feeling too sorry for myself because of my knee 🙁

Lovely Christmas Day with family containing lots of food, booze and games.

And epic getting stuck middle of the farm field in the deep mud on the New Years Eve away from home and public transport, but being supported by lovely people, so my belief to the kindness of humanity is restored and it’s stronger than ever.

Party is over

Have a happy 2020!!!

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