We are now two weeks into the isolation and it’s amazing how none of us could imagine a month ago how different the world will be. It is worrying what happening in the world. It’s different worry than it was a few months ago when we were agonizing over Brexit or one of the conflicts somewhere in the world or buried our head in the sand when some politician said something unimaginable stupid. Now it doesn’t matter! Life is simple. Especially for me. I was made redundant just before this craziness started and I was quite looking forward to taking some time off before making my next move.

For now, I actually enjoy that I don’t have to rush anywhere. There is no difference between the weekdays. I’m happy to get out of the bed on Monday as I’m on Saturday. I’m cooking meals for my family and they are all here for every mealtime. We have a conversation about the world and laugh over silly jokes. We actually enjoying sitting around the dinner table and no one rushes off as it is the highlight of our day.

We go dog walks all together and really appreciate where we live. I’m writing daily exercises on the board and we challenge each other (which means my son just beats us in every single workout 🙂 We are doing yoga every day, something I always wanted to do but never had time. I’m following Yoga with Adrienne in YouTube – highly recommend if you want to start and don’t know where to begin.

Interestingly I haven’t said, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have a time” at once past few weeks.

Our pets have been really enjoying having us around 24/7. Cats get out probably more than us at the moment 🙂

We have a local Facebook group, where people offering/asking help and I haven’t seen so much kindness around for a very long time. Everyone supporting local businesses, trying to buy or order from them instead of going to big supermarkets.

I have been helping to deliver chemist prescription to over 60s, when I can and actually there is competition now, who gets there first. We are all looking for a bit of excitement to our day I guess 🙂 I also have few elderly people I have been helping to do shopping at least it’s something different from my daily routines.

My garden might actually get under the control this year. This hasn’t happened quite a few years.

Thank god we have our lovely Lonni, who gives us daily reason to get out and about.

I really hope that we all will learn from this isolation and the world will be a better place afterwards.

I hope we’ll stop rushing after things and money and take time daily to appreciate what we got and where we are.

We’ll be kinder to others and to our planet (sounds lame, I know)

People don’t have to commute so much as lots of stuff can be done over the internet a there is no need for pretend to be busy from 9-5.

We’ll have time for each other.

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