JSA Challenge – the next one and all the food.

I started the new challenge, again. Just before this worldwide drama started. I really thought that this time I’m ready to go all the way. Now I’m not so sure. We are all stuck at home and I cook twice a day, which I love. I do cook healthy protein-rich meals but I also cook calorie tense fat dripping ones. I bake cakes because I love baking. unfortunately, I also love eating. So to stay in a calorie deficit is so damn hard.

Simple roasted veg salad with dressing – colourful and tasty
One of my favourites at the moment – spinach, red cabbage, mango, mint and coriander with olive oil, lemon and maple syrup dressing and most importantly -freshly toasted sesame seeds.
So delicious
Rice pudding with baked caramelised bananas and brown sugar.
Hit with Estonians – chocolate, cream cake with oats and hazelnuts and most importantly – whiskey! I shared the recipe in Instagram
Last night dinner – macaroni/cauliflower cheese. There was some competition over last bits of crunchy cheese on the top.

So you tell me, how can I lose some weight here?

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