Toilet paper is back in the shops – I saw it myself

I’m an allocated shopper in our family for now. Actually I’m the one doing all shopping all the time anyway, but now I have official permission by government 🙂

It does feel like going “out-out”. I actually do makeup and change my clothes, even if its only a trip to the village shop.

I plan my outing carefully, write a long organized list, asking everyone in the family what do they need, pack the shopping bags, choose the audiobook for my car journey (even if it’s only a 15-minute drive) and off I go.

After more than a month of isolation, it seems that people have filled their houses with toilet paper, pasta and rice to the rim and they can go back to normal shopping patterns and actually buying just enough they planning to use for a week.

We have been told that we’ll be isolating at least another 3 weeks, which means more sneaking around the shops and trying to avoid people and holding the breath when someone passes you nearer than 2 meters

and using an excessive amount of sanitizer when you leave the shop, but then you touch the bags so you need some more sanitizer and then you remember that you touched the car key, so a bit more sanitizer and then you get into the car and touch your handbag and then you just give up and think you grow up in the town with most polluted seawater in the 80s and we happily swam there as nobody talked about it, so your body should be trained against all sorts of infections and other baddies.

When I get home I will wash my hands – promise!

Will this be our new normal?

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